The Basic And Essential Tools Of An Electrician

Like all other professions, the electricians also need some common use and speciality tools. Now you would be thinking that what types of tools might an electrician need to carry out his work efficiently. So here is a list of some of the equipments that are used by an electrician:

Essential Tools Of An Electrician


Now this is something that is required by every electrician. Even if you are working in an area that do not need any flashlight, it is still best to carry one because there are certain situations where you may require some supplementary light to help you see clearly.

An Electrician Los Angeles based location tells through his experience that flashlights are used for some places like outlets, wire boxes, sockets, conduits and pipe that are darker from inside.

Even if the area has plenty of light, you shouldn’t try to work inside small places without proper light.


An Electrician using a voltmeter

Voltmeter is another valuable equipment that is included in the list of tools of electricians. It is not only used to work proficiently, but also to work carefully.

Voltmeters are used to measure the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit.

With the help of a voltmeter, an electrician is able to test the circuits and check that they are live or not. Based on its readings he can safely and appropriately address the circuits and make required repairs.

Wire strippers:

Electrician using wire strippers:

Wire stripper is a small hand-held tool which is somewhat like a scissor. They are used to cut the outer insulation that is surrounding the wire without actually cutting the wire. These insulation removed wires can be connected to switches and conductors.

You may search internet to find the blog of Electrician Bel Air, to get more knowledge on the use of these wire strippers.


Pliers can be used in different ways by an electrician. They can be used for loosening and tightening, providing extra grip to the electrician, dragging wires from their positions, cutting blade for wires, twisting of wires, and a many other functions.