Fundamentals of Paint Spray Booth Lighting

The most common type of lighting used in paint spray booths is equipment for fluorescent lamps mounted on the panel. The equipment is actually installed and hidden in the booth panel.

This equipment is usually Class I, Division 2 or Class I equipment, rank 1 and is registered as a third party for dangerous locations.  You can visit to know more about paint booth services.

Class I locations, Division 2 are locations where flammable liquids or volatile gases are handled, processed or used. Usually, they will be confined in a closed system from which they can escape only in the case of a system breakdown or deterioration.

The design installed on the panel provides a simple and efficient installation method. This equipment is usually built from 18 or 20 gauge steel construction.

Coupled with white baked enamel, the fixture is durable and highly reflective. The clear and tempered safety glass lens is sealed and sealed to ensure the seal is durable and durable against steam, dust and moisture.

Commonly used equipment of this type used in paint spray booths are 4 lights, 4-foot equipment with 32, 40, or 60 watt HO lights, with 40 watt lights being the most commonly used.

Equipment will usually have hinged door access panels inside, rear, or dual in / rear for the purposes of service lights and ballasts.

In equipment with inner access, an interlock switch is provided and must be transferred in such a way as to deactivate the paint spray equipment when the inner access panel is opened.

This allows the fixture to be installed on the second lens-less spray booth required beforehand. In cases where the rated fixture is harmlessly used, it must be installed behind a closed stationary mounted lens. This equipment can only be serviced from outside the booth.