Know About the Life of a Polar Bear

A special bear watching tour can see you explore the Canadian Rockies, hide in the skins of Finnish bears, or admire the extraordinary environment where extraordinary polar bears live. If you choose the latter, it's very interesting to learn more about these extraordinary creatures and how they live their daily lives.

Polar Bear Day

Polar bears are the most active in the morning and are least active at night. At the North Pole, females with their children are observed to spend around 19% of hunting days during the spring months, and around 38% of hunting days during the summer.

Male spend hunting a little longer than female. Today, global warming affects these polar bears badly. There are many organizations who are working to protect polar bears. If you also want to save these animals then you can also join them and contribute to protecting polar bears.

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If you are lucky enough to spend time watching these large mammals on vacation watching the Polar Bear, you will notice that they spend a considerable amount of time resting and sleeping. If it is a warm day, they will spread on ice and sometimes put their feet in the air, but when it's cooler, they will curl up and usually cover their snouts to keep the warmth.

Although most are solitary, adult females will stay with their children for the first two to three years, and breeding pairs will also remain together during the mating season. You might occasionally see a group of Polar Bears eating together on a large carcass, like a whale, but it's rare for adults to travel or feed together for long periods of time.


In winter, when food is scarce, women hibernate to save energy. Polar bears are not deep hibernators, and many of their bodily functions still function as usual. Men who do not hibernate when conditions are hard and rare foods have effective ways to save their energy supply.

Those who embark on a Polar Bear tour will have the opportunity to know closely and personally these extraordinary creatures in their natural habitat, making a very impressive wildlife experience.