How To Pick The Best Modern Day Tiles Available In The Market?

Scenarios have changed a lot in the past few years, people do not want the same look and feel what they used to live with.

What we mean to say is; lifestyle, food, clothing, etc… everything is changing with time. Even our floors, interior decors demand change and freshness.

Whether we want to re-décor our house or our workplace; colors flooring and furniture should blend with each other.

It should offer you peace and freshness. Besides, pick such materials that do not disturb you in future. Well, we are talking about flooring part.


Flooring and bathroom tiling is a major concept which must not be ignored or overlooked for later.

Recently we met with floor tilers Perth based companies to discuss the tile installation. What sort of tiles are in trend, which one is durable and at the same time offers modern day look.

Experts said that usually ceramic tiles are installed since people consider them as their first preference. Ceramic tiles are durable, long lasting, reasonable and available in lots of styles, designs, colors and shapes of course.

But as we said before scenarios have changed, Custom Tile Art is preferred more. Secondly, tiles should be waterproof.

As we all know that tiles are a wonderful option to avoid moisture and dampness in walls.

At present, there are three more tile styles that are quite liked by the people…..

• Cork: It is a modern flooring option and is quite popular these days because it is an eco-friendly component.

gunt tiling

Above all, it is comfortable, durable and provides a good sound barrier. You can gather more details on different styles of flooring available in the market through the internet.

• Laminate: It is another style that is being appreciated by homemakers because it comes in an endless variety of colors and styles for any budget. It offers a real wood appearance that could fool almost anyone.

BUT…..The upper layer is a material that is basically a “photograph” of real wood offering it a wood-like appearance.

These days, laminate comes in end number of shades and even has texture to them, many with a modern, contemporary look.